Residential High-Rise Concept

Office  Tornavida Design Type  Concept · Theory Size  40.000 m² Year  2017

The floors of this 56-floor residential tower are organized around two circulation cores at the corners of the primary structure. Staggered, multi-floor cantilevers of differing sizes on the north- and south-facing façades comprise the building's rhythmic geometry, while fixed and operable shading devices can be incorporated into its double-skin façade. Despite the variation in form, there are only two floor plan variations. The relative densities of the cantilevered floor plates return the building's center of gravity back to the axis of its primary structure.

All mechanical shafts are arranged along the perimeters of the circulation cores and are accessible for maintenance from within the stairwells. Factory-fabricated bathroom and kitchen units are plugged in to these shafts, reducing construction time.
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