Öztorun Otomotiv
BMW Dealership and Service Facility Extension

Office  Tornavida Design Team  Uğur Kayserilioğlu · Jonathan Phillips Type  Addition · New construction Role  Schematic design · Programming · Visualization · Design development Client  Öztorun Otomotiv Size  15.000 m² Location  İzmit, Turkey Year  2015

This brand-compliant addition to a BMW showroom and service facility is designed to serve the business as it expands and decentralizes its operations over the next fifteen years. The project was completed together with Uğur Kayserilioğlu, project coordinator and former corporate identity and architectural projects manager for Borusan Otomotiv, the distributor of BMW, MINI, and Land Rover in Turkey.
The addition (rear) maintains the setback of the existing building (center). In addition to expanding the showroom and garage proper, upper floors accommodate employee lunch and break rooms, prayer rooms, administrative areas, and private office suites for the three owners. The roofs of the showroom are used to display pre-owned vehicles. An extensive underground parking garage and a MINI showroom are planned for the future.
In addition to the movement of various types of clients, associates, mechanics, and administrators through the building, the planning is complicated by the narrowness of the site, minimum dimensions and turning radii of the vehicles, maximum slopes for ramps, and the fact that the floor-to-floor heights of the addition we obliged to be higher than those of the original building. Moreover, various, sometimes conflicting flows of vehicles for display, sale, diagnostics, repair, detailing, bodywork, and delivery needed to be planned efficiently given the high volume of traffic expected through the building.
Iterative schematic designs, plans, and diagrams were developed with the project manager to negotiate and explain the planning, programming, and design of the new addition to the owners, BMW, its distributor in Turkey, and the local architect who would prepare the regulatory and bid drawings.
An amphitheater (in the green area) connects the addition to the original building (gray), the floors of which are at two different elevations. The front wall of the amphitheater opens to a bridge in the showroom intended for display of the BMW i8.
Not only is construction of the additions to be phased, but the primary addition itself sits on two separate properties, one owned by the dealership and one leased for fifteen years (green and red, respectively, in the diagram above). The functional planning is designed so that later – when some operations have been decentralized off site – the building on the rented property can be physically and functionally excised with no interruption to the operations and traffic flows in the remaining building.
In this scheme, the addition (left) extends the existing façade (right). The parapet of the existing building is raised to the same height as the addition to reinforce the consistent rhythm across the façade despite differing floor-to-floor heights within. The elevation difference between the site and the access road allows clerestory openings to the underground garage (lower left).

This scheme accommodates a boutique, parts department, café, play area for children, diagnostics bays, and sales closing offices on both the ground and mezzanine floors. The garage itself is extended and may be accessed from either side – that is, directly from the diagnostics bays or from the overflow parking to the north of the building. Vehicular traffic at this and the lower level basically runs clockwise around the site, and ramps at both the front and rear of the building provide access to the underground garage.
The existing building along the D605 highway through İzmit.
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