Water Closet & Wash Kitchen Renovation
Historic Tünel Geçİdİ Office Block

Office  Tornavida Design Type  Renovation Role  Interior Design Client  Tünel Geçidi İş Hanı C Blok Size  3 × 18 m² Location  Beyoğlu, Istanbul Year  2014

These shared restrooms in an Ottoman era office block in the historic district of Pera serve twenty one-room offices on each of the three floors of the building. Given the low volume of users, replacing a stall of the men's room with a much-needed wash kitchen was no sacrifice, particularly given the ample space for two new urinals.
The monochrome color scheme was in keeping with the vintage look of the redesign.
The existing restrooms were put in place during a renovation to the building in the 1970s. In addition to rectifying ventilation and plumbing issues, the redesign needed to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. Given that materials and labor were donated by one of the building's tenants, it also needed to be low cost. Recreating classic restrooms with vintage fixtures was neither practical nor affordable, but elements of the style of the original restrooms are evoked in the redesign. Other than the traditional çini tilework on the floor, economical and readily-available materials and fixtures were chosen – their composition being more important that their materiality.
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