Kommunikative Wohnanlage Sächsicher Rundling
Cooperative Atrium Housing Complex

Office  Arch. Dipl. Ing. Fritz Matzinger Type  New construction Role  Schematic design and variations Client  Sächsicher Rundling Cooperative Size  1775 m² Location  Dresden‑Coschütz, Germany Year  1997

Working within the framework of a typology of family-friendly, atrium housing called "Les Paletuviers" developed by the architect Fritz Matzinger, my responsibilities for this project included iterative schematic designs, massing, elevations, and the planning of generic unit types. The design was then further developed by the architect, who also worked with individual owners to design their respective units. It was eventually constructed in 1999, and the built work (depicted here) largely conforms to the original schematic design.
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